Registering A New Domain? Don't Use Network Solutions

I love researching new domain names. My first website was a forum for pay-per-click marketing. When I found the domain as an unregistered domain, I thought I was a genius. I sold the site and the new owners drove it into the ground (wish I still had the domain though). Later I came up with What startup doesn't hustle a little at the beginning? When looking for a new domain you have to research to see if that great domain you just thought of is available. You might not buy a particular domain that moment as you are checking the availability of multiple names. Hopefully you weren't doing any domain research at recently. There are rumors is evidence that Network Solutions is registering domains that individuals are checking the availability of, and selling them at a higher price. I wouldn't even be able to describe my anger if that had happened to me.

Bill Hartzer wrote how this ethical business model was being conducted as he tried to register Bill also list 12 other articles about this issue. Jay Westerdal also confirms these actions by Network Solution.

Network Solutions has responded to the front running accusations, but the damage is already done, and rightly so. I would recommend that you do any domain research and purchasing far from Network Solutions.

UPDATE: Network Solutions has announced that they will change their policy. Now they are only ripping you off half the time:

"One change is that the company will offer only an "under construction" page for sites that it has reserved…Another change coming soon is that Network Solutions will register domains only when people search for domains from the company’s home page. No longer will it do so when people use the company’s Whois search page."